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could get another clinton-like democrat in there or you could get a reagan republican in there. and you would have a boom that you couldn't imagine how wonderful it's going to be. and that's why i'm really bullish about the stock market. i think the stock market looks at what will be, stuart, not what has been. and when you look to the future, i am very optimistic about change in america. i mean, just look at what's happened with obamacare. i mean, who-- you know it has to collapse, you know it's just built on unsound theory and unsound data, but seeing is actually collapsing before our very eyes is very, very fulfilling and not in the sense that we want it to collapse, but that we know the silly give away themes don't work. stuart: we hear you, i think you're putting a smile on a lot of our viewers' faces. >> thank you very much. stuart: i'm going to break away for a second and get back to obamacare in a moment. >> okay. stuart: google, it says that uggs were the most searched for fashion item over this holiday weekend. and by the way, i saw a line literally out the door at a uggs stor
period of renaissance during the clinton periods but they have run this party and our ideological. they are not pragmatic, they are about remaking the economy into a redistributive model so you won't see that kind of change but there are so few moderate democrats to wage this fight. they have been decimated. stuart: on a moderate democrats right? will they get decimated if they go forward with a far left agenda of higher taxes? >> one problem is the white house continues to boom farther to the left. you saw president obama come out with his big income inequality speech and say we have to hike the minimum wage so forget about what is going on with obamacare we need more income redistribution so he is not promoting the message so they are going to struggle to have their voice heard. this thought that was an important piece. stuart: where do moderate stand on the minimum wage? >>, when you raise the minimum wage job the destroyed. companies can't afford higher wage levels. and the faces and names of people, higher than the first place. stuart: all the news coverage has been about the
is for individuals. that's up 42% compared to individual plans before the law went into effect. and former clinton advisor doug schoen is with us. i call this sticker shock number two. and i think it has to end the split within democrats about what to do about obamacare? >> it does and it will. people have yet to find out that not only does the website not work, but the plan is itself much more expensive than what they've been paying before. when they do, stuart, your contention is exactly right. people will howl, it will hurt the democratic constituency and the party could well lose the senate in 2016 as a result. stuart: that bad? >> yes, i'm sorry, 2014. stuart: 2014. >> i misspoke. stuart: hold on a second, i've got this from zeke emanuel, he's been on this program and he's one of the architects of obamacare. you can keep your doctor if you're willing to pay more. here he is from fox news sunday. >> no one has launched a pr campaign because of the website. and we're about to launch a pr campaign and people sign up. >> did he say if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. >> yes, look, i
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3